The UK remains one of the most popular destinations to visit across the globe. Your nationality will determine whether or not you require a visa for visit purposes. There are several different categories available depending on your reason for visiting the UK from general tourism through to marriage and student visits.

It is important that you meet certain criteria in order to be approved, some of these criteria are:

  • - You must have substantial ties with your country of origin to ensure your return
  • - Sufficient funds to cover your trip to the UK and onward, without access to public funds
  • - You do not intend to undertake any employment whilst in the UK

Visas can be granted on either a short or long term basis from 6 months through to 1, 2, 5 and 10 years, this is dependent on your general immigration history and other factors.

Your UK Visitor Visa Options

Business Visit Visa

The Business Visit visa to the UK allows applicants enter the UK for a short period to undertake a range of business related activities. The..


Marriage Visit Visa

The Marriage Visit visa to the UK allows couples entry to the UK who plan to marry or register a civil partnership before returning to..


Tourist Visit Visa

The Tourist Visit visa to the UK allows entry to the UK to those who plan to visit the UK for tourism purposes. The visa..